St. Anton am Arlberg

A legend. What else?

A world village plays host to the world: Year after year, the charms of St. Anton am Arlberg’s incomparable atmosphere attract winter-sports fans from all the great nations like moths to the flame.

The bare facts

The cold, hard numbers are enough to let your imagination go wild: 97 cable cars and lifts bind together this winter dreamscape featuring 350 km of well-groomed slopes and 200 km of high-Alpine deep-powder backcountry (though this is of course only an estimate). The Arlberg is an endless El Dorado of winter bliss.

Arlberg, a place of longing

Arlberg’s place in ski history has already been etched in stone and its slopes are revered throughout the planet. When winter blankets the entire mountain in white, the magic and magnetism of this place attracts visitors from far and wide.

Austria’s Best Ski resort

St. Anton am Arlberg is a winter sports paradise for skiers of all ability levels and offers plenty of variety off the slopes as well for friends of powder and backcountry adventure. Arlberg is known for its variety of funparks, racing sections, carving and the many cosy meeting points spread throughout both indoors and out.

The famous ski school

In 1921, Hannes Schneider founded the world’s most famous ski school. Today, the Arlberg Ski School remains the industry vanguard. Season after season, over 350 local and internationally certified ski instructors and mountain guides share their love of winter sports in Arlberg with guests from around the globe. Just ask at the reception to make an appointment.