Feel the magic:

Hotel, Ski 
and fire

Who needs all ten commandments?

Thou shalt enjoy

Service that can’t be beat

Princess in Wonderland

Raffl’s St. Antoner Hof is the Bird of Paradise amongst the top hotels in Arlberg, and its many colours and gaudy decorations aren’t the only reason. In spite (or perhaps because?) of its grand tradition (est. 1969), this 5-star hotel is anything but stiff. Find out for yourself just how flexible we can be as we show off our variety, and our moves, with a light, heavenly touch. 


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It’s high time to show your true colours!

Discover the incomparable.

Always with Passion.

Let it burn - as often as possible. The flame flickers in the open fireplaces (the symbol of our hotel) and burns brightest in the hearts of dedicated staff as they turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Our rooms: Become accustomed to the unaccustomed

Raffl's St. Antoner Hof manages to combine traditional values with modern comfort, saturating the ambiance with warmth, sophistication and surprising sass. Antique objects are matched with colourful design pieces as if they were made for one another. Even if St. Antoner Hof is more than a tad peculiar sometimes, we never lose sight of genuine Tyrolean hospitality. It's always present, though sometimes with a seductive wink.

Our talented kitchen staff: Say hello to my little friends!

Taste the passion!  Award-winning Chef Jakob Lilg works his magic in Raffl’s Eat Art restaurant: Space ain't man's final frontier, man's final frontier is the soul. Join us on a space odyssey you’ll never forget. Let's beat it, eat it, eat it, eat it.

More the than the sum of its individual parts.

Everywhere one finds carefully collected antiquities, collector's items and eclectic menageries. And then there's a smattering of this and that for good measure! Colours, materials, accessories, furniture, lighting and so much more from the bizarre to the humorous to the downright crazy. They're the ingredients of a strange brew of tradition and cheek, elements that make this place so very different. It's what allows us to rise above the cookie-cutter designer hotels and our do-gooder competitors.

Celebrate good times, come on.

Welcome to the most legendary hotel bar in Arlberg. "Princess" will be happy to mix up a porn-star martini or to mix you up with any other variety of libations. The bar is the beating heart of the house and the place where many memorable nights have turned to dawn. Heed with us the words of the late Dean Martin: "You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on."

St. Anton am Arlberg.
Any questions?

St. Anton am Arlberg is a vibrant, living legend and an almost magical hotspot for the international ski society. From the origins of winter sports to high-society events, there are many moments that continue to write sports history in St. Anton. We're pleased that the young & wild keep coming here so that St. Anton will forever be the fountain of youth for winter sports.

This is the St. Antoner Hof

“I’m the king of the world!” Ok, well, you’re not, but you’ll feel that way when you’re our dining in our restaurants. We’ll move heaven and earth so that you can experience those “oooh and ahhh moments” most people don’t even get in the bedroom (“I'll have what she's having”). Because after all this is what it's really all about. Not meeting expectations but exceeding them. We’re more than happy to leave the beaten path behind when it comes to stylish living, indulgence, and a little wellness. We offer all this and more at the highest level. But what really makes us stand out from the usual suspects is the quality of our personalised service. So be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test!

In the Name of the Flame

“The Flaming Star” stands for the burning passion of your hosts to go with the times and to form exceptional worlds of new experience. There is only one FLAMING STAR from Arlberg. Stay with us and you won't ever forget it!

Service Philosophy

Thou shalt indulge

Is an indulgence simply the pleasing sister of sin? Decide for yourself at St. Antoner Hof! Here, enjoyment is the first commandment! All members of staff work with one common goal in mind: A stay at St. Antoner Hof = delightful seduction. We'll pull out all the stops including superb wines, exquisite cuisine, & swank cigars... We run a hotel bar where indulgences remain good until the very last distilled drop.

Culinary delights @ Raffl's

More than a handful of stars

That which is exceptional cannot be categorised or classified with stars. At Raffl's, the only "star" is you, our guest, and we'll spoil you with heavenly, VIP service in all areas of our hotel. Our brand name, "Raffl's Starhotels," is a reflection of this commitment and the "Flaming Star" is our symbol.

Come and see for yourself: