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If the way to the heart is through the stomach, then it’s our pleasure to whisper in your ear the most seductive one liner you’re belly has ever heard. Our Award-winning team knows just how to stimulate every taste bud, so prepare for culinary adventure into the cosmos of fine dining. So open up wide and EAT LOVE.

So go ahead, make my day

Expect the unexpected on every plate dished up by our kitchen team at Raffl's Eat Art restaurant. You’ll be astounded by just how astounded you really are. And this is before you’ve even taken your first mouth-watering bite.

good things come in small packages.

What others might call small, we define as “reduced down to its essence” and artfully presented. So it’s curtains up for starters that will blow your mind. ‘Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore’ because that’s the way we like it

Ästhetik nicht nur auf Dem Teller.

That's the way, we like it: schräg und witzig und vielleicht etwas verrückt. In unserem Restaurant verbinden sich  Tradition und Frechheit. Ein Stilmix, der das Haus so wohltuend vom Standard abhebt.

Believe us when we say that the status quo doesn’t interest us one iota.

Raffl's Spirit: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Hotter than hell. Better than heaven. Where others might burn their fingertips, (when it comes to providing the extraordinary) we say: burn baby burn.

As far as we’re concerned, sin away.

A living legend in Arlberg: Our hotel bar Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night. This is where day becomes night and the birthplace for memories that last a lifetime. But please don’t lead us into temptation, we’ll find our own way.

Downstairs is where the good times roll.

Our wine cellar is a treasure trove filled with rubies and diamonds awaiting discovery. Even Goethe knew that life is too short to drink bad wine.

Here there is but one commandment:
Thou shalt indulge.


Our list of ‘must haves’ is long.

Let’s have Breakfast Raffl’s-Style

If you’re a few sandwiches short of a picnic, don’t worry it’s not lunchtime yet. Mornings here begin with substantial selection of sweet indulgences, palate pleasers and regional specialities. And, but of course, coffee.

À La Carte in Raffl’s eat art

Decisions, decisions. But don’t fret for to long, everything tastes good. Our menu features a colourful mix of Tyrolean specialities, international classics and a dash of the unexpected for good measure. This list of sins will surely lead you into temptation and an unforgettable holiday.

Raffl's eat art

Oh, it’s Wine o’clock!

Time for a virtual journey of wine discovery! Pass by the various vineyards of the world and down delightful paths and alleyways ripe with fragrant aromas. Take a peak in our treasure chest of wines and browse through our carefully cultivated wine menu. And please don’t be upset if your favourite wine is no longer available – someone else was simply quicker!

wine menu

Evening highlights

I feel the need, the need for feed. Ladies and gentlemen, set your expectations high. Every night we’ll surprise you with highlight after highlight. Don’t worry about us, we’ve got plenty of crazy ideas to excite and delight you.

Let it Burn

Experience the moment when problems go up in smoke, flames crackle in the fireplace and the essence of style and good taste become one. Exactly such a moment should be enjoyed every evening and to its very fullest, just like a good cigar from our renowned collection.

Celebrate the Good Times

So make hay while the fun shines. Regardless of what kind of event you’ve got in mind, be it private or for business, exceptional or extraordinary, we’ve made our reputation organising unforgettable events. Whisper in our ear what you’ve got in mind...