Wood, Fabric, Fire

Rooms & suites

There’s no place like home! Unless of course you’re staying at the St. Antoner Hof! For it’s here that cosy meets extravagant and period pieces meet the en vogue. Are you kidding? Of course leather, wood, and a touch of rust belong in every room. This isn’t our first rodeo.

As a Raffl’s star guest, the choice is yours.

You’ll be amazed by how often you’re amazed because there is something new to discover in our rooms every single day. After all, this is the stuff (details so fine you’ll have to squint) that dreams are made of! And yet with so many facets we have haven’t lost the forest for the trees. The overarching concept is to provide you with a place to feel as at home as your own four walls. Our spaces are oases of comfort, enlivened by a colourful mixture of traditional wooden accents, contemporary furniture and creative decoration ideas. As conventional and special as our rooms and suites surely are, they remain the ideal place to seek tranquillity and escape the hustle and bustle of the world beyond.